Power Rangers Dash (Asia) APK Full 1.6.4 Free Download

Power Rangers Dash Asia APK Full 1.6.4 Free Download

Download Power Rangers Dash (Asia) APK Full 1.6.4 for free | This Version of Power Rangers Dash isavailable only in Taiwan, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore,Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau.
Please use below URL to download Power Rangers Dash in othercountry.

Our unforgettable hero! Power Rangers!
But we have one of understaffed hero, 3 rangers will protect to theearth!
Let’s play with dainty ranger characters.
Running action game Power Rangers Dash

= Game Feature =
◆66 different heroes with unique skills◆
Just got appreared personality characters of Power Rangers DinoCharge,Super Megaforce,Samurai,R.P.M,Operation Overdrive,MysticForce,S.P.D,Wild Force,Mighty Morphin and Freshmen.

◆Easy and simple control◆
At the same time, once in three Ranger jump, double jump, attack ispossible to control!

◆Choose your own cute three Rangers and RUN! RUN!◆
At same time, your three different cute characters runtogether!

◆Easy and Fast reinforce system◆
To gain E-coin with defeat the badguys, E-coin can strengthen theRangers.
Even more powerful when equipped Gem to rangers

◆Team Skill System◆
If meet 3 rangers of same force, they will have a powerful passiveskill!
Make you own A-grade forces and use there fantastic passiveskill!

◆Heart shaking summon system◆
Intersting pick for get a desired rangers or Gem.
It will help you to most powerful ranger in the world.

◆The Ultimate Megazord!◆
Summon a megazord and enjoy your fever time!

◆Bonus Stage!◆
Can open a bonus gate once a day!
Get enormous E-coin and G-coin by your maddening fist.

◆Addictive Game Sound◆
Exciting game sound makes you fun!

We love hearing your thoughts!
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Power Rangers Dash (Asia) APK Full 1.6.4 Free Download

File Information

Name : Power Rangers Dash (Asia)

Category : Arcade

Version : v1.6.4

Update :  2017-06-07

Requires App : Android 4.0 and up

Rating Google Play : 4.4

Installation : 1,000,000 – 5,000,000

Thanks to : Google Play


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Power Rangers Dash (Asia) APK

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